SSUNSU now available at BHG's Beauty Library at Bugis

SSUNSU now available at BHG's Beauty Library at Bugis

The SSUNSU community is growing. We’re delighted to announce that SSUNSU products are now available in BHG’s Beauty Library™ at Bugis. It’s an exciting step forward as SSUNSU evolves as a next-generation wellness brand. You’ll now be able to find SSUNSU out in the wild with some of the best clean beauty brands.

The Beauty Library is the perfect home for SSUNSU and our philosophy of wellness from within with the help of nature’s most powerful ingredients. We’re thrilled to be taking SSUNSU into brick-and-mortar stores as we share the latest in k-beauty innovation.

We’re sharing everything you need to know about this partnership and which SSUNSU products you can find in BHG’s Beauty Library.

What is BHG’s Beauty Library?

While we love online shopping, it’s nice to have an in-store experience occasionally. We’ve all spent at least one afternoon getting lost in the beauty hall of a department store. Nothing compares to getting to see and hold a beauty product before buying it.

This innovative area hosts dozens of beauty brands with many natural and clean beauty brands in the mix. You’ll now be able to find SSUNSU alongside these top natural beauty brands, including best-sellers like our Whamisa Organic Lip Balm.

The future of shopping for beauty products

Exploring BHG’s Beauty Hall is like stepping into the future. You’ll find AI robot assistants, an AR wall that allows you to ‘lift and learn’ about products. Instead of queueing at check out, sales assistants are on hand with mobile devices for a seamless payment experience.

The Beauty Hall is somewhere any k-beauty and skincare lover could spend hours exploring. You’ll find five spa cabins and counter designs that invite you to sit down for a consultation or to explore the latest beauty trends.

You can now find some of our best-selling products sold alongside the world’s most recognisable beauty brands, including Clarins, Skinceuticals, and Nars Cosmetics. BHG’s Beauty Library also gives you the unique opportunity to explore luxury brands that don’t typically offer a full-counter set-up, including Burberry and Gucci.

Every corner of the Beauty Hall offers something new, from private consultation areas to anti-ageing treatments. The addition of SSUNSU to the Beauty Library shows that we’re leading the way with K-science and becoming a leader in the health and beauty industry.

Our innovative products are helping to bring together diet, anti-aging, and skin health all within the same brand. It’s another exciting chapter for SSUNSU.

The SSUNSU products available at The Beauty Library

The Beauty Library at BHG is where you’ll find SSUNSU products in-store for the first time. Our products are available alongside other K-health and beauty brands.

Some of the first products that you’ll find in The Beauty Library include our Premium Korean Ginseng Beauty Jelly, which heals your skin from within. You’ll also find our Thank You Berry Enzyme and its rich probiotic formula, which boosts your immune system and improves your gut health.

Our Yomi Fit Diet Candy and Whamisa Organic Flower Lip Balm will also be available at The Beauty Library.

Which SSUNSU products would you like to see at The Beauty Library? Tell us in the comments below!

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