Korean Ice Pumpkin Leg Patch Packs

Korean Ice Pumpkin Leg Patch Packs

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Ice Pumpkin Leg Patch

Relieve soreness and aches in your legs with a moisturing leg patch that provides cool and comfortable care

    • Contains 6 patches of 5g each (Net weight, 30g)

    • Made in Korea

    Key Ingredients:

    • Menthol & peppermint - Cooling effect to relieve aches and stress in your legs

    • Hyaluronic acid (HA) & pumpkin extract -  Deeply moisturizes your skin

    • Lavender & rosemary - Soothing and relaxing scent

    • Spunlace fabric - Packed with moisture and allows strong adhesion

    Recommended Usage:

    Use one piece a day on your calves, thighs or the soles of your feet to easily relax your muscles and cure your legs of their tiredness

    The cooling effect specially enjoyable when the weather is warm

    Usage Instructions:

    1. Wipe the area of your skin dry to remove sweat or water that might prevent the patch from sticking well

    2. Remove a patch from the packet and peel off the film before adhering it to the desired part of your legs

    3. Leave it on for as long as desired with overnight application being particularly effective

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