Dr. & The Idol Eyeliner X Mari Kim
Dr. & The Idol Eyeliner X Mari Kim
Dr. & The Idol Eyeliner X Mari Kim
Dr. & The Idol Eyeliner X Mari Kim
Dr. & The Idol Eyeliner X Mari Kim

Dr. & The Idol Eyeliner X Mari Kim

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Easy Apply • Water, Sweat, Sebum Proof • Deep Black
Achieve a powerful and dramatic look with this super black eyeliner designed by World Renowned Artist Mari Kim.
  • For those who:
  • looking for a dramatic, black eyeliner
  • looking for water, sweat, sebum resistant eyeliner
  • looking for non-smudging eyeliner
  • looking for precise eyeliner brush with stable grip
Usage: apply on upper lash line

Made in Korea in collaboration with South Korean artist, Mari Kim.
Mari Kim is known for her work “Eyedoll,” a cartoon-like, porcelain-skinned female distinguished by large oval eyes. The focus on the cartoon's eyes was what led her to create her own eye makeup range focused on achieving a dramatic look.

The Idol eyeliner is designed specifically with a very deep black color, that glides on evenly with a delicate brush tip and stable grip. You can achieve a powerful and dramatic look with this super black eyeliner. Water, sweat, and sebum resistant, stays 24 hours without smudge!

Easy drawing, beginner friendly, from clean and clear eyes to colourful and powerful eyes. With a fine tip of 0.01mm elastic brush and 0.2mm stable grip to prevent it from shaking, giving you the perfect result!

Highly recommended by cosplayers.

Key Benefits:
  • Water, sweat, sebum resistant
  • Curved brush
  • Bold, vivid deep dark for extra volume
  • Stays 24 hours without smudge

Multi-proof without smudging - Powerful multi-proofs that are not easily smudge by water, sweat, sebum, etc.

Seamless line - Schieve meticulous lines with 0.01mm delicate elastic brush tip and 0.2mm stable brush bottom.

INK tank-type - Film-forming with multi-proof effect ink tank, gives the advantage of forming a clear and realiable film. Continuous drawing from beginning to end!

Shake up and down 2-3 times with the lid closed before use. Gently apply and fill your upper lash line with The Idol Eyeliner. You may want to connect the eyelash line and eyebrow line to add a eyeliner wink effect! Close the lid after using so to avoid the brush from getting dry.

How should I store The Idol Eyeliner?

Store The Idol Mascara in a cool and shady place, out of direct sunlight. Keep out of children.

Is it water proof?

Yes! The Idol Eyeliner is water, sweat, and sebum resistant!

Does Mari Kim made this?

The Idol Eyeliner is made in collaboration with Mari Kim.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via Whatsapp +65 81385929 or via email support@ssunsu.com.