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Dr. & The Idol Mascara x Mari Kim in use on a model
Dr. & The Idol Mascara x Mari Kim in use on a model, front-face
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Dr. & The Idol Mascara X Mari Kim

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Easy Apply • Water, Sweat, Sebum Proof • Mari Kim
Working with world-renowned South Korean artist, Mari Kim, on variety of color spectra and textures, we bringing you an easy apply mascara for a fuller lashes that stays all day long without smudging.
  • For those who:
  • looking for a beginner friendly mascara
  • looking for water, sweat, sebum resistant mascara
  • looking for non-smudging mascara
  • want to have more volume on their lashes
Usage: apply on both lashes

Made in Korea in collaboration with South Korean artist, Mari Kim
Mari Kim is known for her work “Eyedoll,” a cartoon-like, porcelain-skinned female distinguished by large oval eyes. The focus on the cartoon's eyes was what led her to create her own eye makeup range focused on achieving a dramatic look.

Give your eyes more volume with the bold, vivid deep high contrast black mascara. Easy to use, Beginner friendly! The Idol mascara is designed with curved brush, easily complete your eye look with a single touch! Water, sweat, and sebum resistant, stays 24 hours without smudge!

Key Benefits:
  • Water, sweat, sebum resistant
  • Curved brush
  • Bold, vivid deep dark for extra volume
  • Stays 24 hours without smudge

Extra volume - Express deeper black with special vivid deep black carbon.

Multi-proof without smudging - Powerful multi-proofs that are not easily smudge by water, sweat, sebum, etc.

Polymer-coated fiber - For longer lash.

Curved brush - Perfect for eye shape.

Flower extract - For booger care.

Apply on your curled lashes to add more volume and complete your eye look with big eyes illusion!

How should I store The Idol Mascara?

Store The Idol Mascara in a cool and shady place, out of direct sunlight. Keep out of children.

Is it water proof?

Yes! The Idol Mascara is water, sweat, and sebum resistant!

Does Mari Kim made this?

The Idol Mascara is made in collaboration with Mari Kim.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp +65 8138 5929 or via email support@ssunsu.com.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shweta K.
Excellent quality and value for money

Super pigmented and dark , makes lashes 10X more fuller and voluminous ! And it’s water resistant . No smudging and staining . Stays in place .excellent for oily eyelid ppl .


Eyelashes become curled!

Hidden gem

Super impressed with this mascara. Extends well, not clumpy, and doesn’t smudge!

Really didn’t expect to find something like this here, don’t know why hasn’t more people talked about it!

The applicator is a winner

I've tried many different mascaras, and this has become one of the favs mainly cause of the brush.
It feels a bit like a paintbrush, it's soft but firm so it really coats every lash without clumping.
The formula is more on the thin side, but very buildable, so you can apply a few layers without it looking too thick and heavy.

Tip: Put a tissue under your lash and blink a few times to remove the excess and allow some time to dry. It takes a while to dry to once it does, doesn't budge at all (use an oil based makeup remover to remove it)