Fish Skin Collagen Beauty Snack
Fish Skin Collagen Beauty Snack
Fish Skin Collagen Beauty Snack

Fish Skin Collagen Beauty Snack

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Crispy • Savoury • Collagen
High in protein and collagen, making it the perfect savoury snack for youthful, beautiful skin
  • Benefits:
  • Improve skin's elasticity and texture
  • Reduce fine line, wrinkles
  • Good for diet and skin health
Usage: As you like!

Net weight 100g

Estimated Arrival: 20 Jan 23

SSUNSU's fish skin collagen snack is crispy and healthy, with no addictives or flour. Using the highest quality pollack, with no fishy scent, the seasoning kept minimal to maximise its health benefits. Drained for 48 hours to remove excess oil and achieve the perfect crisp. 

Fish skin is packed with Collagen, and is the preferred type of collagen in most beauty products. Collagen accounts for 30% of our body's protein, and is essential for bodily functions. However, as we age, our body produces less collagen. Hence, we need to consume more collagen to restore our baby-like skin and youthful body.

It has Vitamins-E, which helps retain moisture and protects skin from sun damage. Also, Omega-3s, which is good for your heart and also helps fight stress, so your skin can stay radiant and happy. 


Freshly made and packed in Korea. 100% pure pollack fish skin.

Recommended to eat as a mid-morning, tea-time, or evening snack. Shake well before consumption to mix seasoning evenly.

Tip: Microwave for 30s and serve warm for the best taste.


Keep sealed in a cool dry place. Expiry: on pack