FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device held in model's hand
FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device in use on model's face and forearm
FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device over a shimmering bronze background
Illustration showing the features of the FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device
Illustration showing the four modes of the FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device
FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device set on top of a mirror
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FourRolling: V-Face Lifting Skincare Device [Apple]

Sale price$435.00
Units:1 Unit
Guasha/Lymphatic Drainage • Frequency • LED
Korea’s leading aesthetic treatments in one homecare device. Reduce appearance of double chin, saggy skin, and face bloat. Achieve a slimmer, v-shape face.
  • For those who want:
  • to achieve slimmer face and V-shape jaw line
  • to instantly reduce puffiness and swelling
  • to get rid of double chin
  • radiant skin
  • alleviate their skin problems
Usage: ~10 minutes a day

Electronic device: Ergonomic massager, frequency treatment, LED light therapy. Charging required. Made in Korea, 1 year warranty.

FourRolling is an aesthetic-grade homecare device that massages deep into the fascia while emitting frequency to simulate your tissues for maximum lifting effects, with different LED lights designed to target specific skin troubles.

Key Benefits:
  • Collagen generation & blood circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage/guasha effects
  • V-shape jaw line, bye bye double chin
  • Long lasting slimming and lifting effects
  • Alleviates sensitive, oily, dry, or dull skin
Expected Results:

Instant depuffing effects and sharper jaw line. Pronounced V-shape jaw line, reduced double chin, and comfortable, healthy skin with consistent daily usage for 2 weeks - 1 month. May vary depending on application and skin condition.

Please prep your skin with serum or moisturizer before treatment to prevent discomfort or injuries.

Comes with an instruction manual and precautions, please read carefully before using the product.

Before and after photos showing the slimming effect, V-shaping effect of using FourRolling V-Face Lifting Skincare Device
Four golden electronic rollers
  • Lymphatic drainage/guasha effects
  • Instant depuffing, reduce swelling

The four golden rollers are designed to massage deep into the fascia, or 3rd layer of skin, to encourage the movement of lymph fluids under the skin. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxin buildup from the bodily tissues, promotes blood circulation, creating a lifting effect on your skin.

EMS, Low Frequency Treatment
  • Face slimming and tightening
  • Burns fats, reduce cellulites

Low and medium frequencies are released every 5 sec. It induces muscle contraction through electrical stimulation, which burns fats and reduces cellulite, and maintains skin elasticity. Massage slowly for maximum effect.

RF, High Frequency Treatment
  • Collagen generation & blood circulation
  • Face lifting and skincare enhancer

1Mhz frequency,which is superior amongst home devices, is released every 6.3 sec. It vibrates and rubs fat molecules to generate deep heat which increases blood and lymph circulation, relief edema, activates collagen layer in the dermix, and accelerates combustion which helps with the absorption of nutrients.

LED Light Therapy
  • Personalised skincare treatment

Red light
Anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging. Reduce laugh and frown lines.
[Reduces inflammation and stimulate collagen formation]

Blue light
Improves skin texture, soothes acne-prone/oily skin, lightens scaring from acne or sun damage.
[Reduces activity in sebaceous glands to produce less oil and kill acne-causing bacteria]

Purple light
Combination of blue and red to offer dual benefits.
[Promotes cellular oxygenation and regeneration to promote skin vitality]

Pulsing Purple light
Reduce tissue heating for better absorption.

Yellow light
Skin brightening and soothing. Alleviates skin redness, and sensitivity. Reduces uneven colouration, dark spots.
[Stimulates creation of red blood cells to rejuvenate skin cells for faster healing especially from sun damage]

Massage your face daily for up to 10 mins a day, 5 mins per side, on red L (low intensity, frequency mode), and red LED for a start.

Once you’re comfortable and familiar with the product, you may adjust it according to your needs.

You may also use the device on other body parts (e.g. tummy, arms, shoulders) for slimming effects or to relieve your muscles.

Check out our instagram @ssunsu_sg for instructional videos on how to use FourRolling.

Product comes with an instruction manual and precautions, please read carefully before using the product.


  • Do ensure your skin is sufficiently moisturized with your favorite skincare products before use to reduce discomfort and injuries.
  • Keep within 10 min per body part, device will automatically turn off after 10min. Excessive use may cause heat abrasions.
  • Clean with a damp cloth but do not wash the device under running water
  • Avoid over-charging the device
  • Due to the nature of frequency treatments, you may experience static-like shocks and heat. While it is normal, if you feel uncomfortable, please pause the treatment and contact us for more guidance.
Is there a warranty?

Yes, 1 year from your date of purchase. You may contact us via email at if you face any issues with your device. Please provide your order number, or proof of purchase from any of our partners.

The warranty will cover manufacturing defects or failures. Any physical or water damage or failure due to overcharging will not be covered under the warranty.

We will provide a drop off location and do a repair or exchange on a case by case basis.

How long does it take to see effects?

After 10 mins, it should reduce puffiness and swelling, and your face will look smaller. You can try it on 1 side of your face first to see the difference.

After 2-4 weeks of daily usage, jawline would be more pronounced, V-shape with a less visible double chin.

With consistent usage of the right LED treatment targeting your skin concerns, coupled with the right skincare, achieve brighter, healthier skin.

Results will vary depending on usage and individuals’ skin needs.

What is included?

1 x FourRolling Massager Device
1 x Charging Port
1x USB-C Charing Wire
1 x Velvet Pouch
1 x Instructional Manual

When and how to charge the device?

When the device is low on battery it will start beeping while in use.

Once fully charged, the device can last up to 5-7 cycles, each cycle last 10 min.

The device takes about 2-3 hours to be fully charged, the middle indicator (M) will turn green once fully charged. Please switch off power once fully charged.

Who should not use this device?

The device is safe for most for external purposes, however, if you have the following conditions please monitor your condition, or consult your physician.

1. Pregnant women and breast-feeding women.
2. Children and infants under the age of 12.
3. Patients with heart disease and medical electronic device users.
4. Patients with infectious diseases, skin diseases, and skin allergies.
5. People who are being treated for a disease.
6. People suffering from head and eye injuries due to car accidents.
7. People who have facial nerve disorders or osteoidermia.
8. People who have fractured bones or have undergone silicon, filler plastic surgery.
9. People who have taken steroids for a long time or have capillary dilatation due to liver dysfunction.
10. People who suffer from heart disease, malignant tumors, epilepsy, diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious diseases and acute diseases.
11. People with physical discomfort or high temperatures.
12. People who are drunk or are taking strong medicine.
13.People whose skin are red and infected after exercising or prolonged exposure to sunlight.
14. People whose skin is covered with injury.

The device is not working for me. What should I do?

Please contact us if you’re expeirencing issues. While we do not have a moneyback guranteed policy, we will try our best to guide you to optimise your usage of the device.

Our products have been widely used and tested in Korea, with positive reviews and many happy users. Hence, we’ll try our best to help you see results.

If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp +65 8138 5929 or via email

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anna Y.
Age: 25 to 39
Home Facial Massage!

Feels good being able to massage my face daily with this roller. My daily routine takes less than 5minutes with the roller but I can see my face getting nicer ^^ Thankful for the gifts too :")

LiveCommerce D.b.
4 roller

Was highly intrigued by this product when I saw it being featured by Sharlene on Reebonz.Live Bought it as a gift and the recipient was highly satisfied with the product. Fast delivery. Highly recommended!

Face lift up and tone up

I used this fourrolling for a month every night after applying my night cream or serum.
Now my friends say my face got smaller and skin colour is much more toned up. I am so happy!

Tan R.

At first a bit scared of the tingling effect but I get used to it quite fast. Lifted my face quite obvious. The massage effect is okay but the lifting effect is definitely 👍👍


Relaxing and I like the effects