Socialite Kim Lim with SSUNSU Beauty+ Red Ginseng Jelly

Kim Lim Reviews Ssunsu's Beauty+ Red Ginseng Jelly

Kim is a big fan of everything beauty related and the idea of designing an all-in-one solution for better skin and immunity, with antioxidant and energy boosting properties sparked her interest. The Beauty+ Red Ginseng Jelly is the first product that Ssunsu has developed in close collaboration with Kim, together with her, we formulated and tested the product over many months until we got the recipe right.

Kim expressed her excitement about the product. In her instagram posts, she avidly shares that she 'whacked' it the moment she opened the box, and described the jelly as juicy and yummy, with a lingering 'ginsengy' taste. This is in contrast to other products in the market with ginseng that we have found to typically taste bitter and unpalatable. Having taken the Beauty+ Red Ginseng daily for the past month, Kim shares that she can really see and feel the difference, and that she is very proud of the product.

When Kim decided to come up with various health foods and natural supplements that can be incorporated into people's daily lives, we delivered the Beauty+ Ginseng Jelly. Moving forward, we are working closely with Kim to come up with even more.

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