Kim Lim's Venture with SSUNSU [Her World Magazine]

Kim Lim's Venture with SSUNSU [Her World Magazine]

In her interview with Herworld magazine, Kim shares her latest venture with SSUNSU Singapore, a K-health & K-beauty e-commerce platform.

In her recent interview with herworld magazine, Kim shared on the various ventures that she has been busy with. Over the past few months, Kim has launched clinics and products under her holding company, Kelhealth Group. These include Illumia Medical, headed by Dr Ram Nath and Dr Ong Xiang Ning, Polaris Plastic Surgery, led by Dr Adrian Ooi, Orion Orthopaedic Surgery, led by Dr Mizan Marican, Papilla Scalpceuticals, a line of hair and scalp products formulated by Korean dermatologists, Illumia Skin, a medical-grade skincare range and Slimfood, a low-calorie snack brand. She’s also looking to revamp her skincare line for the mass market and luxury market. Over the next year or so, we can probably expect even more exciting new ventures from Kim.

In particular, her most recent venture is with a premium health and beauty brand Ssunsu (pronounced “sun-su”). Ssunsu stands for quality and goodness from the heart in Korean. The brand collaborates closely with celebrities, influencers, and specialists to design and produce the best of premium Korean health and beauty products, promising to deliver products that are at the top of trends and of the highest quality.

The most recent product from Ssunsu is the hot-selling Beauty + Red Ginseng Jelly that Kim has been taking regularly at the start of her day. “It’s made with real ginseng and it’s really good. You can feel your body getting warm if you take too much,” she warns. Under the Ssunsu brand, she’s also exploring other made-in-Korea supplements for immunity-boosting, digestion, and natural weight loss that customers can looks forward to.

Find out more about the Beauty+ Red Ginseng Jelly on Ssunsu's website
While the Covid-19 situation has slowed things down, Kim plans to first focus on the Singapore market. “I don’t want to open too many branches – just a few solid ones so that I can do quality control,” she shares. Kim goes on to share on her upcoming plans. In the near future, both Illumia Therapeutics and Papilla Haircare will be opening a second branch at Nex in September, with four to five more branches in the works. While Ssunsu will be bringing in a slew of new Korean products towards the end of the year. Regional expansion plans are also in the pipeline for next year, with Kim exploring options in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

For Kim’s full interview, read about it on herworld magazine


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